Cleaning Tips for Laminate Flooring

Cleaning Tips for Laminate Flooring

Are your laminate floors in need of good scrubbing? No worries! We’ve got the definitive guide to help you get your laminate flooring looking like new in no time. Read on for effective and easy cleaning tips that will have your floors shining.


Clean Regularly

Laminate flooring is a beautiful and economical choice for busy households. Made to imitate the look and feel of hardwood, it’s a great alternative that won’t bust your budget. However, like other types of flooring, it requires regular cleaning to keep it looking its best.

When it comes to caring for your laminate floors, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Decay from moisture from spills and tracked-in mud can weaken the flooring material over time. As such, regularly sweeping or dust mopping is essential. Pay special attention to entry areas where dirt accumulates more easily. This daily light maintenance will minimize deeper cleaning in the long run.

For tougher stains or spots caused by mildew or mold, use a damp mop with lukewarm water along with a cleaner specifically designed for laminate cleaning. Do not use any products containing soap or detergent as they can leave behind residue that can be slippery when walked on and build up over time resulting in discoloration of the laminate surface. A solution of vinegar mixed equal parts with water can also serve as a DIY all-purpose cleaner that won’t damage the protective coating on your floors while still getting rid of dirt, dust and grime particles efficiently.

If you use baseboard trim in rooms outfitted with laminate flooring, you should also vacuum them regularly using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner; take care not to scratch them when doing so though! After vacuuming take some time out at least once every six months for thoroughly deep clean your laminate floors using warm water and a mild all-purpose cleaner (never use undiluted chlorine bleach!)

Finally – if you have young children in the house – never forget to apply furniture leg coasters with rounded edges for extra protection in order to prevent any scuff marks on the surface due to dragging furniture around; this precautionary measure will make sure there are no future headaches during clean-ups!

Do a Monthly Extensive Clean

Most manufacturers recommend that a monthly extensive clean should be done to keep laminate floors in top shape. An essential part of this monthly cleaning routine is using the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning product. Using a regularly recommended cleaning product will ensure the best results for your specific type of laminate flooring.

Before beginning with any type of deep clean, it’s important to first sweep, dust, and/or mop away any surface dirt or debris. If more deep cleaning is needed, start by applying a small amount of cleaner to the area to spot-test it -making sure you read and follow any label and usage instructions! Once you’ve determined that your specific cleaner won’t damage your laminate flooring, you can begin mopping your floors with an appropriate mop or wet cloth. Wet too clothes work well to buff out light superficial dirt when used in tandem with a cleaning solution.

Once you are finished with general cleaning always remember to dry off the floor as best as possible using either a towel or a microfiber mop with an absorbent pad attachment. This will keep water from accumulating on the floor, which can lead to damage if left for too long! After each deep clean it’s always advised before putting furniture back into place that you give your laminate flooring some time so that it can properly air-dry and restore itself back to its original lustrous state!

Prevent Streaks with Hot Water and Vinegar

When cleaning laminate flooring, one of the most important things to remember is to avoid using over-wet mops and to use only cleaners that are recommended for laminate floors. However, if you are looking for a safe but effective way to clean laminate flooring without leaving behind streaks, one of the simplest solutions is to use hot water and vinegar.

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The combination of hot water and vinegar makes an excellent cleaning solution as vinegar can help cut through any dirt or grime on the surface of your floors. Plus, it’s important not to use too much moisture when cleaning laminate floors. Hot water will evaporate more quickly than cold water, so it’s not as likely to leave behind streaks or pooled liquid that could damage your floors.

To make the cleaning solution, mix one cup of white distilled vinegar with a gallon of hot water. Then use a soft cloth or a mop made specifically for laminate floors by dipping it into the mixture and squeezing out excess liquid before you begin mopping your floor in sections. Make sure that you move quickly so that excess liquid doesn’t sit on your floor too long (it should already be almost dry by this point). Keep in mind that heavy rubbing when wiping can dull the finish on your laminate flooring.

With this combination of hot water and white distilled vinegar, you will have removed all dirt and other particles from your floor while avoiding over wetting that could lead to streaks or damage. It’s a safe but effective way to keep your laminate flooring sparkling clean!

Act Quickly to Clean Up Dirt and Spills

Cleaning up dirt and spills on a laminate floor is essential for keeping it looking its best. Certain liquids, like water and juice, should be wiped up as quickly as possible to prevent staining or warping. Food should also be swept away frequently to avoid buildup on the surface of the flooring.

For quick cleanups, simply use a soft cloth or mop with warm water. For tougher spills and stains, you may need to use a few drops of mild soap or cleaning solution. Never use abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads as they can damage the topcoat and make your floor look dull. Avoid using steam mops since they can warp the boards over time.

Once you’ve wiped up any dirt or spills, go over the laminate surface with a damp cloth until it is completely clean and dry.

Additionally, it’s important to protect your floors from scuff marks by adding felt pads to furniture legs if possible – this will absorb shock from any weight that is placed on the flooring and reduce scratches.

While it’s possible to scrub light scratches off of laminate floors with some elbow grease, deep scratches need professional attention and refinishing may be necessary in serious cases of wear and tear over time.

Stain Removal Tips

Stain removal from laminate flooring can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. But with a few simple tips, you can learn to safely and effectively tackle even stubborn stains. To begin, put on latex or rubber gloves to protect your hands in case of accidental contact with cleaning agents.

For water-based stains, such as beverages or oil-based food products, use a damp cloth and an appropriate cleaner to remove the residue. Make sure that you test the cleaner on an inconspicuous area of the floor first to make sure it won’t cause any damage.

To remove grease or other oil-based spills and splatters: let the liquid settle before attempting removal. Use absorbent paper towels or cotton twill rags to blot the stain away from its center point until all of it has been removed from your flooring surface. Once all traces of grease are gone, use a cleaner that is safe for laminate flooring and dampen a clean cloth before gently wiping away residue from around each affected area.

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For dried paint & marker stains: Scrape away any excess gently using plastic spatula or blade as needed. Do not exert too much pressure while scraping since this could potentially scratch the surface of your laminate flooring.

Once done scraping, apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto the mark and wipe off immediately with a clean cloth; this should help loosen up any hard-to-remove paint & marker residue so that it may be wiped away much more easily afterwards. If the stain is still present after trying these tips then it might be best to hire a professional cleaning service provider in Cheras area that is familiar with cleaning different types of floors including laminates for proper stain removal solutions!

Keep Your Floors Shoe-Free

Keeping your laminate flooring shoe-free is a great way to maintain its beauty and keep it in great condition. Shoes can bring dirt, rocks, water and other materials that can damage the floor over time. Taking off your shoes when you come into the house is an easy way to ensure that your floors are well taken care of. In addition to being shoe-free, it is important to vacuum or sweep the floors regularly to remove any dirt that may have been tracked in by bare feet.

Using furniture pads or felt protectors underneath furniture legs and chairs when they are moved across your laminate flooring will help avoid scratches or dents forming on the surface. Additionally, protective mats should be used when placing heavy items on top of the laminate flooring such as appliance stands. This extra layer of protection will help to keep your floors looking beautiful for a longer period of time.

Refrain from dragging furniture or objects on the laminate flooring; instead carefully lift them over short distances. If something does need to be dragged make sure you use padding underneath so as not to scratch up or dent the flooring surface unnecessarily. It’s also important not to drag items in high heels as these items can easily leave permanent imprints on the surface, making it difficult and expensive for repair spots or areas where these impressions have been left behind.

Keeping your laminate flooring clean and free from debris goes a long way towards preserving their beautiful appearance while also ensuring they’re reliable enough for everyday use without fear of damage occurring in every day use incidents such as spilled drinks or pet accidents. So keep those shoes off when inside and remember those protective mats beneath appliances and furniture, if you take care of your floors they can look great for many years!


In conclusion, when it comes to laminate flooring and proper cleaning, there are a few things you need to remember. Start by using the correct cleaning tools for the type of floor you have and take into account the type of sealant or finish on your laminate. Use soft microfibre mops for everyday cleaning, and if necessary use a gentle vacuum cleaner without a beater bar or brush heads to remove dust. For deeper cleanings, it’s best to hire professional cleaners who are specifically familiar with laminate floors.

Remember that water and steam can ruin your laminate floor, so never use them directly on the surface. Finally, always read product labels carefully when purchasing any cleaning solutions and avoid harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. Following these tips will help ensure your floors look beautiful and inviting for years to come!