Speed Cleaning Shortcuts to Get the Job Done Faster

Speed Cleaning Shortcuts to Get the Job Done Faster

Ready, set, speed clean! We’ve all been there—everyone wants a freshly tidied living space but no one wants to spend their entire day scrubbing, dusting, and organizing. Fortunately, there’s hope! Read on for some simple but effective shortcuts that can help you get the job done faster!


Make a List of Tasks and Prioritize Them.

When it comes to speed cleaning, an effective strategy is to make a list of the tasks that need to be accomplished and prioritize them. Begin by sorting out how much time you have available and consider which tasks need to be completed first for your home or workspace to look its best. Make sure you are using the right tools and cleaning products for each job; this will save you time so you can move on quickly to the next task.

Set a timer and stay focused on the task at hand – if possible, break larger jobs into smaller, more manageable chunks so that your progress isn’t overwhelming. Working with a sense of urgency will help you get your cleaning jobs done faster. Whether it is dusting furniture or wiping down counters, completing short bursts of activity for 15-20 minutes at a time will help keep your momentum going until the job is finished.

Gather All Necessary Supplies Before Starting.

Before beginning your speed cleaning, take a few moments to make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand. A thorough clean requires more than just a mop and broom—you’ll need sponges and cloths, buckets, gloves, and an assortment of cleaning solutions. Choose products that are non-toxic, easy to use, and appropriate for the surfaces you’re covering – everything from tile flooring to stainless steel appliances.

Additionally, make sure you have working batteries or an outlet available for any powered tools or machines that you may need. Knowing that everything is ready ahead of time will help ensure that your deep clean move forward quickly and effectively.

Have a Designated Spot for Each Supply.

Having a designated spot for each item helps you stay organized and decreases the amount of time spent on each task. Rather than having your cleaning supplies strewn all over the house, consider investing in a movable cart or basket that can be kept within close reach. This way, you can easily grab the supplies you need without having to hunt for them all over the house.

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Similarly, have storage containers for frequently-used items (like toys in the playroom or gardening tools) so that it’s easy to quickly put everything away when you’re done with a task. Additionally, this will also help eliminate clutter from gathering around your living space and make it easier to keep surfaces clean as maintenance.

Use Microfiber Cloths for Cleaning.

Microfiber cloths are highly effective tools for speed cleaning and can be used on almost any type of surface. When compared to traditional cloths, microfiber ones absorb dirt better, and they eliminate the need for cleaners and paper towels since they pick up dust and bacteria with just water.

Some examples of using microfiber cloths to quickly clean your home include:

  • Wiping the bathroom countertops, sink, and shower–moisten a cloth with warm water to remove dirt and grime from surfaces.
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors–use a damp (not wet) cloth for streak-free glass.
  • Dusting furniture–regularly dusting shelves, tables, bureaus, dressers, window sills chairs–probably the quickest job of all when using a microfiber cloth!
  • Mopping floors–hardwood or tile floors wiped down with a damp cloth instead of rinsing them multiple times.

Keep a Spray Bottle of Cleaning Solution on Hand.

Amid a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to take the time to keep your home clean. But with some efficient cleaning shortcuts, you can make cleaning a breeze.

One time-saving tip is to always have a spray bottle of your favorite cleaner on hand. This way, when you spot dirt and grime in unexpected areas around the house, you can quickly and easily take care of it with minimal effort. All you have to do is fill the bottle up with your chosen cleaning solution and use it as needed when messes arise – no need to spend an entire afternoon scrubbing from top-to-bottom!

  • Keep in mind that if using bleach, opt for one pre-diluted with water so there’s less guesswork.
  • You should also be aware of any hazards associated with handling the product – like wearing gloves or protecting your skin – and make sure to properly label the solution for safety reasons.
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Use a Good Quality Vacuum Cleaner.

Using a high-quality vacuum cleaner is essential when speed cleaning. Vacuuming your floors and carpets can help to reduce dirt and dust as you go, and can save time compared to spreading dust around when you use a broom.

Choose the right type of vacuum cleaner for the job, such as an upright model for big carpeted areas or a handheld stick vacuum that is great for small spaces and hard-to-reach spots.

Clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner, because doing this helps remove dirt and dust before they become embedded in your carpet or furniture. Vacuuming also allows deeper penetrations than manual cleaning, resulting in better overall results with less effort.

Enlist Help From a Professional Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional cleaning company can help you quickly and efficiently perform your deep cleaning chores. Not everyone has the time, energy, or equipment to take on certain onerous tasks like window washing, carpet cleaning, or heavy-duty scrubbing.

Professional cleaners have the experience and know-how to get the job done right in a fraction of the time it would take for you to do it alone. It could be well worth it in terms of your time and even money if you decide to avail yourself of such services.

It is important when hiring a professional cleaner that you form an agreement ahead of time outlining what is expected – inclusive of cost and services coverage – so that there is no misunderstanding as to what will be provided. Make sure to ask the staff at any service business you are considering verifying both licensing and insurance coverage so that if necessary, they can provide proof of both.


Once you have the tools for the job, speed cleaning involves some time-saving techniques to make quick work of even the most daunting chores. To finish faster, start from the top and go room by room, use buckets and hampers to quickly gather items and sort them into categories, keep a checklist of what needs to be done so you don’t forget anything important, attack tough spots with an all-purpose cleaner or spot cleaner as needed, and focus on one task at a time.