How to Keep Your House Clean With Indoor Pets

How to Keep Your House Clean With Indoor Pets

Are you a pet-lover in Cheras who wants the best of both worlds – a happy, fur-baby and a clean house? It’s possible! With the right mindset and these practical tips, you can keep your home in Cheras squeaky clean despite the indoor pets. Read on to find out how!


Keep your pets clean

Keeping your house clean with indoor pets is not impossible, but it does require a little extra effort. The highest priority should be keeping your pets as clean as possible. Clean up accidents quickly, groom your pets regularly, and bathe them often enough to combat odors. Regular brushing will help reduce dander, the source of most pet-related allergies.

Regularly vacuum carpets and furniture to collect shedding fur, dust mites and other allergens — if you or someone in your family has allergies, use an HEPA filter for best filtration results. Clean hard surfaces with damp washcloths or cloths treated with a pet-safe cleaner to grab pet hair before it becomes airborne.

If you have litter boxes in your home, they should be cleaned at least once a day – twice is better if you have more than one pet that uses the same box – and replaced every year or two months depending on the type of litter used. It may also help to invest in a self-cleaning litter box system which cuts down on messes and unpleasant odors.

Groom both cats and dogs outside if possible – some dogs don’t need baths but may need occasional brushing outdoors since grooming indoors can spread debris throughout your home. If you do groom indoors, it’s important to contain the mess by covering furniture and floors with wipes or tarps for easy cleanup when finished.

Use waterless shampoos around fabrics that can’t be changed out afterwards because regular wet shampooing can leave behind residues that attract hairs and dust particles that land on top of them later on when agitated again

Upgrade your sofa

Your sofa is likely to be the most important piece of furniture in your Cheras home. With the addition of a pet, it may also become the dirtiest. You can minimize this problem by investing in a higher quality sofa made from durable fabrics and materials that are easy to spot-clean. Even if you don’t want to buy a new sofa, consider purchasing couch covers or throws that will make it easier to protect your furniture from fur and messes.

Microfiber fabrics are particularly good at repelling pet hair, as well as being comfortable for your pet to lounge on or curl up with. It’s also smart to buy a lint roller or mitt so you can easily brush off any loose fur that accumulates over time. Keeping your sofa clean and mess-free will help keep your home looking its best!

Get a quality vacuum cleaner

When it comes to keeping your house clean with indoor pets, one of the most important things to do is invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner. No matter how much you brush your pet, crumbs and fur will inevitably be tracked into your home and spread around. To effectively remove particles from carpets, furniture, and flooring, it’s essential to have a reliable vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for pet hair removal.

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A quality vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to keep pet hair off the carpeting and help protect carpets from damage over time. Quality vacuums are designed to traverse different levels of carpeting piles as well as hardwood floors without leaving dirt and debris in their wake. They are designed with powerful suction capabilities that ensure dust, dirt, and pet hair will be effectively removed during cleaning sessions. Additionally, they are also equipped with HEPA filters that capture smaller particles that would otherwise get into the air or onto surfaces within the home.

It’s important to choose the right type of vacuum for specific needs: lightweight stick vacuums are ideal for quick clean-ups; larger uprights are better for deep-cleaning; cylinder vacuums work best on stairs; bagless versions save money but don’t provide thorough cleaning; and central systems cover larger areas faster with less effort.

Wands and attachments can further extend cleaning capabilities when using your chosen model of vacuum cleaner. A multi-purpose set of tools should include at least one brush nozzle or motorized head to effectively remove stubborn fur from carpets or furniture fibers as well as several crevice tools great for dusting baseboards or removing cobwebs from crevices near ceilings or light fixtures.

Regularly clean your pet’s things

Owning a pet comes with joy and responsibilities. While it is impossible to prevent your pet from making some mess, you can still keep your house in Cheras clean by having a regular cleaning routine for all of your pet’s belongings. These include things like food dishes, water bowls, toys, beds, and even litter boxes.

Cleaning your pets’ things regularly will keep them free of bacteria and germs while at the same time they will last longer as they won’t get stained or tear easily. It is also helpful when it comes to controlling fleas and other bugs that can live in bedding and carpets.

How often should you clean the things around your pet? This depends on the type of pet you have and how often you use each item. Food dishes should be washed daily with hot soapy water or in a dishwasher. Water dishes should be refreshed every day as well. Pet beds should be vacuumed weekly when possible to remove dirt and hair, as well as washed with hot soapy water every few weeks. Toys should also be regularly checked for dirt or tears and replaced if necessary. Litter boxes should be changed daily if possible or scooped at least twice a day to avoid bad odors in your house in Cheras

If these routines are too time-consuming for you, consider hiring a cleaning service provider from Cheras. They offer deep cleaning services tailored to fit each pet’s specific needs that can help reduce any odor caused by germs built up over time from regular use of their possessions or any accidents they may have made while playing around the home.

Raid your cupboards to fight bad odour

Are you struggling to keep your house in Cheras clean when you have indoor pets? Raiding your cupboards can go a long way to fighting bad odors. Aside from the usual activities like daily cleaning and vacuuming, there are a few simple remedies that can make all the difference when it comes to keeping the air fresh and your home hygienic.

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Start by making sure that food packaging is tightly sealed and away from moisture. Dry pet food will become moldy if it’s kept too close to water or left open. You can also use baking soda to create an odor-absorbing layer over pet food containers. Just sprinkle some baking soda over each container, then store them away in a large plastic bag or sealed container.

Another tip is to make sure any litter boxes are placed in areas with adequate ventilation — always keep them away from living areas! Vacuum regularly around the litter box area and other pet hangout spots like windowsills or cushioned areas of furniture where fur accumulates quickly. Additionally, you can use upholstery spray after vacuuming hair-prone spots around the house. The fresh scent of citrus extracts helps neutralize any odors left behind by pets – think of it as a cleaner’s best friend!

Finally, burning fragrant oils or incense are traditional method for freshening up indoor spaces; opt for scents that are light and natural such as jasmine or lavender for a graceful atmosphere at home.

React quickly to accidents

Reacting quickly to any pet accidents that happen inside your home in Cheras is an important part of keeping your house clean. The key to cleaning up after your pet’s accidents is acting promptly, so you can minimize the damage and deal with it before it sets too deep into the fibers or materials of your carpets, rugs, furniture, or floor.

The first step is to blot the affected area with a towel or paper towel if there is wetness. Don’t rub or scrub at the area as this may spread and set the mess in deeper or cause more damage. Do this gently but quickly until as much moisture has been absorbed as possible.

If there is solid matter present, scrape it up using a spoon or butter knife and deposit it into a plastic bag for disposal immediately. Once you’ve done this, use a combination of cold water and mild detergent (having triple-checked that this won’t harm your pets) to cleanse the area with a damp cloth or rag easily. Continue blotting until all visible evidence of mess are gone, then leave to air-dry naturally. Be sure to vacuum when fully dry for the best results!


In conclusion, it is possible to keep your house in Cheras clean even with indoor pets. With some patience, organization and planning, keeping your home clean and tidy becomes a much more manageable task. Start slowly by doing the biggest messes first and slowly build up your routine. As long as you remain consistent in the process of cleaning and caring for pets in your home, you will be successful.

Be sure that you give yourself enough time before or after cleaning to reward yourself with a break or something delicious. It will make the whole thing much more enjoyable and provides motivation to get back into the routine of cleaning with indoor pets. Don’t be afraid to get creative or take on new activities that make it easier for you to care for both your house in Cheras and also your furry friends!