How to Clean the Inside of a Double Pane Window

How to Clean the Inside of a Double Pane Window

Have you ever tried to clean the inside of a double-pane window? It can be quite a chore! Whether you have smudges, dirt, or other debris, it seems almost impossible to reach the inner pane. But don’t worry – with these tips and tricks, you’ll have sparkling clean windows in no time!


Gather Your Materials

Gathering the materials you need before you tackle a cleaning project is essential, so take a few minutes to make sure that you have the following items on hand. You will need a vacuum cleaner with an attachment for crevices, cotton swabs, white distilled vinegar, and newspaper.

Place a drop cloth or old towel directly beneath the area where you will be working to make cleanup easier. If necessary, use painter’s tape or masking tape to cover any trim or surfaces around the window frame that can’t get wet. Once all of your materials are compiled, you can begin cleaning the double-pane window.

Remove Any Debris

The first step in cleaning the inside of a double-pane window is to remove any debris such as cobwebs, dust, lint, etc. that may have collected between the two panes. The best way to do this is to use a vacuum cleaner with an extension hose and narrow nozzle attachment to reach into the small spaces between the window panes.

Once all of the visible dirt and debris have been removed, use a damp cloth and mild cleaning solution to wipe down both sides of each glass layer. Wipe in circular motions paying extra attention to any spots that require extra scrubbing or rubbing. Rinse off the soapy solution with clean water. Be careful not to leave streaks or smudges on the glass surface after wiping it off with a rag or cloth. To avoid this issue make sure your cleaning solution is made specifically for windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces or alternatively dilute white vinegar with water until it reaches desired consistency before applying it onto your double pane window surface.

Clean the Window

When cleaning the inside of a double-pane window, it is important to remove all dirt, dust, and debris. In order to ensure that the job is done properly, it is essential to select the right cleaning solution and use the appropriate tools.

  • First, clean around the edges of the window with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any loose dirt or grime.
  • Then, mix a cleaning solution of equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and apply it liberally to both panes of glass. Use a lint-free cloth or squeegee to work the solution around the entire surface area in circular motions until it is evenly spread.
  • Once that has been done, rinse off the solution with warm water from a garden hose. Make sure there are no streaks left on either window before drying with a clean cloth or squeegee.
  • For hard-to-reach spots inside your double-pane window, use an old toothbrush dipped in soapy water to scrub away dirt and grime while avoiding scratching either surface.
  • Finally, use some rubbing alcohol on parts of the window that can be reached by hand using cotton balls for additional shine and sparkle!
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Use a Squeegee

Using a squeegee is one of the most effective ways to clean the inside of a double-pane window. First, make sure that the window frame is thoroughly dry. Start by making horizontal strokes with your squeegee along the top part of the window. Move-in overlapping vertical strokes downwards until you reach the bottom, wiping away any excess water with a microfiber cloth or chamois if needed. Make sure to clean both sides of your squeegee and then start again on each window side so that streaks are avoided and all dirt is removed.

When finished, inspect areas you couldn’t reach directly with the squeegee and use an adjustable window washer with a long handle to clean these tight spots instead. Once done cleaning, just rinse off the cleaning solution from around your windows and dry up any leftover moisture with another microfiber cloth or chamois before enjoying your sparklingly clean windows!

Dry the Window

Once you’ve removed the window from the frame, use a dry rag or a vacuum cleaner to remove as much dirt and dust from the window as possible. It’s important to be thorough so that you are able to properly clean and inspect each pane. If there is wet dirt on the glass, use a razor or shaver blade to scrape it away before dampening the cloth with rubbing alcohol or vinegar and warm water.

Once all of the visible dirt has been removed, double-check that there is no remaining dust left on the glass by wiping down each surface firmly with your cloth.

Clean the Window Frames

Prior to cleaning the double pane window, it is important to clean the window frames. Use a damp cloth and nonabrasive cleaner to remove dust, debris, and dirt from all exterior surfaces of the window frame. Ensure that all dirt is removed before proceeding with cleaning the inside of the double-pane window.

Check for Leaks

The first step in cleaning the inside of a double-pane window is to make sure the window has no leaks. If there are any, these need to be fixed before attempting to open the window for cleaning. Use a caulking gun to apply a sealant or silicone around any leaking areas and allow it to dry thoroughly.

To check for other small cracks or other air leaks, shine a flashlight against the inside of the window and look for signs of light shining through from outside. Any gaps should be sealed with caulk or silicone sealant. Once you are sure that there are no air leaks, you can open your window to clean it more easily.

Repeat the Process

Once you have completed the cleaning process for the inner pane, it is time to repeat the process for the outer pane. As mentioned above, move both panes at the same time in an effort to protect the sealed unit.

Generally speaking, a chemical-free process is recommended as you work on both sides of each panel. Utilize a soft cloth that has been dampened with warm water and gently scrub away any dirt or grime that may be trapped in between them. Afterward, clean up any residue with paper towels and use a new soft cloth dampened with warm water to give each pane a final wipe down.

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Once each side of every panel has been adequately cleaned, take some time to observe how clarity improved following your efforts. Make sure both outer edges of the guarded unit remain moist throughout this process; not only will this help free any entrapped dust particles but also allows you to simply wipe away dirt bacteria as it collects on the surface with ease when needed!

Consider Hiring a Professional

If you decide that the job should be handled by a professional cleaner, make sure to carefully research potential contractors and hire a qualified window cleaner. In some cases, the job may also be more complicated than expected and may require a special window-washing system or chemicals.

The benefit of using a professional is that they are accustomed to working with double pane windows from cleaning them to repairing them. They will understand how to safely clean the glass without causing further damage such as permanent fogging of the window. Additionally, many contractors guarantee their workmanship, so you can rest easy knowing that if any problems still occur after the job is complete, your contractor will be able to fix them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the inside of a double-pane window?

The best way to clean the inside of a double-pane window is to use a microfiber cloth and a window cleaner specifically designed for double-pane windows. Make sure to spray the cleaner onto the cloth and not directly onto the window. Wipe the window in a circular motion and then use a dry microfiber cloth to dry the window.

How often should I clean the inside of my double-pane window?

It is recommended to clean the inside of your double-pane window at least once a month to keep it looking its best.

Is it okay to use a vinegar solution to clean my double-pane window?

No, vinegar solutions can damage the seal of the double pane window. It is best to use a window cleaner specifically designed for double-pane windows.


The process of cleaning the inside of a double-pane window is relatively straightforward and easy. With the right tools, it should not take too long to do. Having clean windows will help ensure that your home is free from dust, dirt, and debris that can impact both comfort and air quality inside your home. Depending on the climate you live in, you may need to perform this task fairly regularly.

When you have your supplies gathered, make sure to take extra caution when performing each step – if one step is done incorrectly, it can ultimately lead to damage for both the window rusting or damaging and potentially hurting yourself in the process. Take your time when tackling this project and remember to enjoy a cleaner view with newly cleaned windows once you’re finished!